History of our Therapist

Our company, Overcoming Adversity, was started in April 2013. We are a new company working toward becoming well known within our community and the surrounding communities for our work with those in need seeking counseling services. Currently we have one counselor and share office space with two other therapists in Jefferson City, TN. Our therapist is in the process of obtaining her LPC (licensed professional counselor) and MHSP (mental health service provider) licensure. Our therapist is under the direct supervision of an LCSW (licensed clinical social worker). This means that any treatment questions our therapist has or any guidance she needs in the therapeutic process will come from her direct supervisor. It is important to understand that should assistance from the supervisor be needed, confidentiality is completely maintained in accordance with the ACA Code of Ethics. For a complete list of these ethical guidelines you can visit www.counseling.org. The therapists we share office space with have varying degrees of experience and are in different stages of licensure. One of the two additional therapists currently has his LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist) and the second therapist is currently working toward obtaining this same licensure. If a client feels that he or she would benefit more from working with either of the other two therapists in our shared office space, such arrangements can be made. We believe that it is extremely important for the person seeking therapy to feel comfortable with their therapist and feel that they can open up about their issues and struggles effectively with the therapist. While business is important, ensuring that a person is receiving the help that they need is more important and of higher priority. Should a person feel that neither our therapist nor the other two therapists available in our office space are appropriate fits, referrals to other therapists or outpatient

 Overcoming Adversity™