How to Control My Anger

Controlling Anger!

Each person has a different type of anger and handles it in diverse ways. According to the book Letting Go of Anger, Second Edition there are three categories of anger styles. These categories are broken down further into eleven more specific styles. Once you have identified which category and style you fall under you can grasp a better understanding yourself. From that point you can begin to recognize what your anger triggers are and what specific anger reducers will work best for you. Once an individual has put in the time and effort to do these things, he or she can break negative cycles and develop a healthier way to manage their anger more effectively.

Anger Management Overcoming Adversity

Anger Management

Some people can find themselves having negative legal involvement as a result of their poor anger management techniques. This involvement can range from assault charges to a family having DCS (Department of Children’s Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services) involvement as a result of anger getting the best of him or her in a situation. In a number of these situations, individuals are court ordered by a judge to attend anger management classes or DCS will make this a requirement of a family’s permanency plan (a plan that is put in place by DCS and the family to provide a child with a safe and stable environment). At Overcoming Adversity we offer anger management sessions that can help an individual meet such requirements. Management sessions will be tailored to people on an individual basis depending on the court order or DCS/CPS requirements involved in the given situation. If no specifics are given in the court order or permanency plan, after an initial session a treatment design will be developed for the individual based on his or her needs. After completion of all  sessions a certificate of the program completion can be provided to the individual if needed.

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